Second Chance HDT

On a beautiful September day, a number of club members competed at the “Second Chance” horse driving trial held at Julia Bird Reservation, Waldingfield Estate and Appleton Farms in Essex County, MA.

Myopia Driving Club Picnic Drive

Is it ever too cold to drive?

Well, maybe… But not on Sunday, November 7 at Bradley Palmer State Park! Clouds and 40-ish temperatures were no match for the zeal of Myopia Driving Club members who came out for the Final Picnic Drive of the 2010 Season. Six intrepid drivers brought out their equines to enjoy the trails of Bradley Palmer, each other’s company and… The Picnic! (We all know that food is a central focus of any MDC Activity… more on that later.)

Someone drove her truck and trailer into the known muddy spot in the parking area, forgetting that her new truck didn’t have 4-wheel drive! After Marc Johnson heroically towed the rig out of the mud, we hitched and drove the always-lovely and interesting trails of Bradley Palmer. Marc rode with Pam Biggi and Finn the Wonder Pony; Nan MacGown drove her Friesian Syb with Fred Sullivan on the back step; Kat Tremblay and Metallica treated Judi Milano to a ride; and Dierdre Pirie rallied to drive Rupert, ably assisted by Alice Burnham. (Nothing can stop that woman when she is determined!) Nancy Kiley and Robyn Royer brought their “Little Frenz” in their special MINI-Vans. We were thrilled to be able to include the Minis due to the Park Staff bending over backwards to make it possible for them to avoid the rockiest parts of the trail. The Park Staff at Bradley Palmer have always done their best to accommodate our every need. Kudos and many thanks to them.

Back at the parking area, Margot Clark joined us to share the camaraderie, picnic and to take pictures of the Happy Adventurers. Highlights of this day’s offerings were a Shrimp Cocktail, a lovely bottle of Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc, and a Birthday Cake… not telling whose birthday it was though…. <insert evil laugh here>

2010 Annual Meeting

Maureen Aulson was our gracious hostess for the annual meeting of the Myopia Driving Club. Alan was not present, as his company is in Washington, DC painting the Capitol (no mean feat!).

The meeting was well attended by both old and new members. Alice Burnham was welcomed and “pinned” as a new Regular member. Several Provisional members attended Sue Fryer, Valerie Giacalone, Suzanne Mooney, Robyn Royer, Linda and Eric Wilking.

David Smith chaired the meeting in Alan’s absence. He explained the selection process for the new slate of officers. The slate was presented to the membership for a vote. The slate, as presented, was:

President: Margot Clark
VP of Communications: Kate Prestero
VP of Public Relations and Hospitality: Nancy LeBaron-Kiley
VP of Activities: Susan Koso
Secretary: Amy Barton Treasurer: Fred Sullivan
Members-at Large: Kat Tremblay and Pam Biggi.

The new slate of officers was unanimously approved by the members and will officially take office in the new year.

Marc Johnson reported on the past years’ club activities. A discussion regarding member participation ensued. It was decided that earlier notification might improve participation. Marc addressed the difficulties of coordinating activities within the Northeast Region.

When the club’s yearly activities for 2011 are proposed, Susan Koso, in her new role as VP of Activities, will be coordinating with the Regional Director. Our club activity calendar will be available and emailed in early winter for our club members. There was a discussion centered around the use of the Myopia Schooling Field and Polo Arena. The members of the Ex-Comm have high hopes of being able to secure usage on a regular basis for club events such as clinics, informal ADT, lessons, etc. Susan asked for activity ideas from the members. The idea was greeted warmly and several suggestions were made. These included another navigator’s clinic, a clinic on pleasure showing, and a hands-on long-lining clinic.

Updating the MDC website was discussed. Since the meeting, Margot and Kate have gotten together for a conversation regarding this. Kate had already updated the calendar, re-activated the email links to the president and the secretary, and updated the site links. The VP of Communications maintains the website, but is not responsible for generating its content. THEREFORE, we are requesting articles and photos from our general membership. This is your website and we need your contribution. Any and all ideas, volunteers, input are welcome. Please contact Margot.

After the club business, members enjoyed a delicious pot-luck supper. While dining we had the good fortune to watch the professional DVD of the WEG Driving competition. Maureen shared some of the more memorable “insider” WEG moments. It was noted that the old mailing address of the club has been revived. This will hopefully facilitate improved communications.


Please send your $30 membership fee to the above address or save a stamp and bring it with you to our annual Christmas Party. We would appreciate this being submitted in a timely fashion as it helps with our bookkeeping. Thank you!